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Zoe Littlewood, M. A. Sport Psychology Consultant


Zoe specializes in working with individuals, teams, parents and coaches to produce performance enhancement, mental toughness and a winning mindset. She is passionate and believes that athletes of all levels can use sport psychology to achieve personal and performance excellence.


Education and Experience


  • M. A. Sport & Exercise Psychology, Argosy University Orange County. This is one of the best programs in the country with the rare combination of extensive training in counseling, kinesiology and applied sport psychology.

  • B. S. Kinesiology, Brunel University, England.

  • An international perspective having experienced sport both in the U.S. and England. This means she is knowledgeable about the best techniques used worldwide.

  • Season-long consultations with a Division I teams at San Diego State University. Including Individual, Team and Coach sessions. One team had their most successful season since 2003 and finished second in conference.

  • Youth and High school Teams: Interactive presentations on essential mental skills and application to improve sport performance.

  • Parent and Coach seminars and workshops at all levels of sport.

  • Athlete clients from individual and team sports including all ages and abilities.

  • Elite gymnastics coach for 8 years.


What You Can Expect


You will experience a professional attitude, trustworthy personality and a genuine interest in helping you that inspires optimum performance. A collaborative relationship will be developed that is equal, you will be listened to and given the correct support to achieve your goals. Zoe has an understanding of the demands of sport and what it takes to be successful at every level. She uses a unique approach involving athlete-focused sessions, performance observation and in-depth work. The sessions are proactive, after a discussion you will be given practical exercises to help apply the techniques.

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