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All services are designed to improve mental toughness, develop a winning mindset & provide you with a competitive edge. There are services available for Individuals, Teams, Parents, Coaches and Performers of all ages and levels. All programs are customized to meet your needs, sport-specific, in-depth and include proven techniques. The in-depth approach involves performance observation, mental performance assessment, in-office sessions, on the field discussion and mental practice in the sport environment.

Skype Sessions

Zoe specializes in providing sessions via Skype to clients all over the world. You will also receive unlimited email support, electronic resources and worksheets to help you apply the skills learnt.

These can be a great option if you have a busy schedule, are not available to meet in-person at one of my locations or are traveling to compete and would like mental training support on the road.

Team Sessions

Any team at any level can benefit from this training. Get your team mentally tough and thinking like champions with a competitive edge over your opponents.


Program: In-depth consultation which includes on-site performance observation, assessment of individual & team needs, discussion with coaches, design & implementation of a customized program with specific strategies and proven techniques to improve mental performance.




  • Team Unity

  • Improved Leadership

  • Quality Competition Preparation

  • Enhanced Communication

  • Relationships based on Trust

  • Increased Motivation & Focus

  • Reduction in Mental Mistakes


Sessions can be one-time, season-long or in packages (discounts apply) depending on the needs of your team.

Parent Sessions

The consultant will work with you directly to provide the strategies needed to be a winning sports parent. Any parent can benefit from this training. You can use the principles of sport psychology to build mental strength in your child, create a positive emotional environment and increase the likelihood for success and positive growth.


Program: Individual or group sessions on how to best support your child and education on the importance and benefits of sport psychology.  This can include in-depth consultation, practice/game observation, assessment of you and your child's needs, and design and implementation of a customized program with specific strategies and proven techniques to improve mental performance


You will learn how to:


  • Mentally prepare them to be their best

  • Talk to them after a bad performance

  • Give them the correct support and feedback to promote healthy attitudes

  • Help them deal with pressure

  • Keep them motivated, confident and focused

  • Set realistic and challenging goals

Individual or Group sessions can be single or in packages (discounts apply). 

Individual Sessions

Build your Mental Muscle with tools and strategies to help reach your potential. This is suitable for any level of athlete who is committed to performance enhancement.


Program: An initial assessment of the athletes goals, strengths and weaknesses, followed by development of an individualized sport psychology program. This aims to address mental barriers and build on strengths.




  • Increased Motivation

  • Ability to Control Anxiety

  • Improved Focus

  • Quality Competition Preparation

  • Strength to Recover from Mistakes & Control your Emotions

  • Increased Self-Confidence

  • Positive Attitude

  • Mental Toughness to Compete Under Pressure

  • Ability to Get in the Zone Consistently


Sessions can be single or in packages (discounts apply). Professional & Olympic Athletes special packages are available to meet your unique needs & schedules.


Coach Sessions

Use the winning principles of sport psychology to gain a competitive edge for your program.The consultant will work with you directly, helping to integrate mental training in a way that fits your coaching style. The consultant can also work with the team, providing sport psychology techniques that compliment the coaches voice and aid their program in moving to the next level mentally.




  • Improved knowlege of the mental aspect of coaching

  • Enhance performance transfer from practice to competition

  • Improved ability to motivate athletes

  • A Winning Team Culture

  • Increased Intensity and Effort at Practices

  • Proven methods for Pre-Competition Preparation

  • Improved decision-making to recruit best-fit athletes

  • Better perspective & reduced stress


Sessions are available as-needed or in packages (discounts apply) to suit your needs.


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